About Us

The Botanical Workshop is a houseplant and ceramic pop-up stall based in east and south east London, and founded from a deep appreciation for that which is natural and handmade.  

We endeavour to provide a wide variety of affordable, unusual and beautiful houseplants with a range of complementary products to help you grow and nurture a beautiful green home or workspace.  These items are carefully crafted by The Botanical Workshop or in collaboration with independent ceramicists, so to create a sustainable culture around living with and caring for your plants.  

We’re passionate about facilitating new conversations around horticulture, and through our journal endeavour to share with you our journey and experience of gardening in an urban environment. We further believe that understanding your plants and the wider contexts they exist in allows for a deeper appreciation and even facilitates practices of mindfulness and consideration when gardening (whether that be inside or out).

It's all about the little pleasures in all that is green and crafted.