Helping you choose, nurture and maintain your plants.

Plants have the amazing capacity to bring interest and a new dynamism to a space through their boundless variety of shape, form and colour. It is also proven that by filling a space, whether that be inside or out, one’s physical and mental wellbeing improves through things such as; air purification, decreasing our susceptibility to colds, flu-like symptoms and headaches, and the act of gardening can be practiced as a means of mindfulness, an excuse to slow down. But, how does one start their own collection? The Botanical Workshop is here to provide a guiding hand through your introduction and journey into horticulture, indoor and outdoor gardening and even some of the bits in between.



Our online journal is just as much as a way to record and plot our journey as we continue to explore horticulture, and as we learn and grown, we hope you do too. As you delve into the journal, you’ll find it provides both dip-in-and-out and in-depth entries on: how to care for specific plants, propagation, gardens, conservatories, nurseries and greenhouses to visit, tips and tricks on how to be both thrifty and sustainable etc.


Online you’ll find a small collection of air plants, succulents and cacti that are grown here in the UK. We are passionate about considerate, sustainable buying and about supporting the UK’s horticultural industry and endeavour to bring you the best our industry at home has to offer. When buying from UK nurseries and independent growers the carbon footprint of your newly bought plant is smaller; they’re often not grown on the same colossal scale as they are on the continent, meaning less water and energy is used during overall production and they don’t travel across huge distances from nursery to wholesaler, to the UK, then to you. also



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