Plant in Focus: Pilea peperomioides

Pilea peperomioides, more commonly known as the Chinese Money Plant, are perfect for those who are just starting off their plant collection, or in need of something a little more low maintenance.  Growing up to 0.5m tall, this plant is easily recognisable due to its tall central stem from which pea green, spaceship like leaves shoot off of.  This plant is also easy to propagate from leaf cuttings, as well as from their pups that they sprout prolifically from the base of the stem.  


Native to South West China and the West Indies, the Chinese money plant has the ability to grow up to three meters tall when placed in ideal conditions:

Will be happiest when placed where it can receive either bright, indirect light or partial shade (South or East-facing). 

This plant is happier in warmer temperatures, so don't allow the temperatures to drop lower than 10C.  If sat on a windowsill, during the winter move it into the room to protect it from any drafts or sudden changes in temperature. 

Like most plants, the Pilea doesn't like to be sat in soggy soil, so use a free draining potting mix, and allow the soil to dry out in-between waterings.  Reduce watering over winter.  You can also mist this plant regularly to keep humidity levels up.  Do be aware that overwatering this plant can lead to dropping leaves.

During the spring and summer months feed every two to three weeks with a diluted houseplant fertiliser.

It’s always advised to repot your plants in spring (end of March-May).  

Regularly clean this plant’s circular leaves by wiping them first with a clean dry cloth, then again with a damp one.